OI Student Referral Information

  • We have a new Student Referral Form. Please discard and do not use previous versions. 

    1. Fill out the CRP Student Referral Form and print. 

    2. Gather all required documents associated with the services being requested. For example, to enroll a student for OI services and/or equipment, a copy of the current OI eligibility statement is required. If an OI eligibility for a student is pending, we advise you to wait until eligibility is established to refer to CRP. We are unable to enroll students who are referred without a copy of the OI eligibility statement.

    3. Obtain the signature of the special education director (or designee) in your district.

    4. Fax or mail the completed referral to CRP

    • Fax: 503-916-5576
    • Mail: Columbia Regional Program - 833 NE 74th. Ave - Portland, OR 97213

    For information on accessing AT/AAC support for student who do not have an OI eligibility, click here. 


    Q: What if a child is already enrolled at CRP and receiving equipment and/or services and changes school districts?
    A: A new referral is required any time a child changes districts such as ECSE-to-Kindergarten transitions, or moving into a new district.

    Q: Where is the eligibiliy criteria for OI?
    A: You may review the OI eligibility criteria listed on the OI Eligibility Statement on the ODE website.

    Q. What if I have a child eligible under Other Health Impaired (OHI) or Communication Disorder (CD) who would benefit from CRP equipment and/or services?
    A. To access CRP equipment and/or services, a child must have an eligibility of Orthopedic Impairment (OI) or another low incidence disability (VI, HI, DB, TBI, ASD). Note that motor equipment is restricted to students with an OI eligibility. Unfortunately, we cannot serve or provide equipment for students eligible under other categories such as OHI or CD (unless they have an additional eligibility under a low incidence category).

    If you have additional questions, contact Ruth McKee at rmckee@pps.net or call 503.916.5570 ext. 78353
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