Searchable Database of OI/AT Equipment

  • Weclome to our new searchable database representing many of the motor, AT, and AAC equipment items available for loan.
    Search results display items we own, not what is currently available. To confirm availability of an item and/or place an item on hold, please contact Tammy Penkert at or 503.916.5579 ext. 78355
    Please note this database is in development and in beta testing. The database is not yet complete and pictures are not available for every piece of equipment.


    Use the "Category" dropdown to select a category of equipment you'd like to view, then click "Submit"

    You can use the next dropdown to search by "Starts with" or "Contains"

    • Example: type "switch" and click "Submit" to view all items in the database that start with "switch". Or you may seach using "Contains".
    • Example: type word "bluetooth" to view all items in the database that have "bluetooth" somewhere in the item description.

    To conduct a new search, click "Search Again" or refresh the page in your browser.

    Equipment for Loan

    • All
    • Bench
    • Bolster
    • Books/Props
    • Communication Device
    • Fan
    • Mounting
    • Slant Boards
    • Switch
    • Switch Interface
    • Switch Mount
    • Table
    • Timers
    • Toy
    • Toy Non-Adapted
    • Starts With
    • Contains