OI/AT Services

  • Riley Our highly specialized Orthopedic Impairment / Assistive Technology (OI/AT) staff provide equipment and consultation to support individuals with OI birth-to-21. Our services include:

    • Collaboration to assess motor and communication skills to identify technology needs
    • Identification of AT/AAC communication equipment and materials for trial
    • Loan of motor and AT/AAC equipment with consultation to assist with appropriate selection and use
    • Development of AT/AAC systems so that students are better able to access their environment and interact socially across a variety of settings
    • Professional development to build capacity among EI/ECSE and district staff to effectively serve children with complex communication and motor needs

    We also facilitate AT PLC meetings attended by SLPs, OTs and others interested in AAC tools and best practices as well as access methods. Our OI PLC meetings emphasize the work of school-based PTs and OTs and how to effectively assess and serve students with complex motor needs.

    For more information on Orthopedic Impairment including the evaluation requirements and eligibility criteria, visit ODE's Regional Programs OI information page.