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  • Equipment During School Closures - Updated May 27, 2020

    End-of-Year Equipment Returns - June 2020

    We are providing opportunities in June to return equipment if you are able to do so. We realize due to COVID-19 closures, many are unable to retrieve and return equipment to CRP at this time. However, if you are able to return equipment, we encourage you to do so. Under normal circumstances, all AT and AAC items must be returned to CRP before the summer break in June. Motor equipment typically stays put but needs to be returned if a student is transitioning, aging out, no longer uses the item(s), etc.
    Important Details:
    • Dates and times. Equipment may be returned to CRP between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on June 2, 3, 4 and June 9, 10, 11.

    • Sign-up required. Please sign up in advance to return equipment. Use this Google document to enter a day and approximate time that you plan to return equipment. It is acceptable to estimate the time; we realize that your plans may change. For safety reasons, we simply need a sense of how many people to expect during each of the days and times.

    • Curbside drop-off. Please do not attempt to enter the CRP building. Instead, drive to the parking lot at the back of the building and then over to the small covered area (it is near the outside door to the equipment room on the end of the building that is opposite from the main entrance).

    • CRP staff ready to assist. We will be outside under the covered area to meet you as you drive up. We will have bins and carts to receive returned equipment.

    • Safety precautions. We will adhere to social distancing and ask that you do the same (maintain distance of at least six feet). Please stay home if you are sick, running a fever, or have other symptoms. CRP staff will be wearing masks and gloves, frequently washing/sanitizing hands.

    • Equipment cleaning. Any cleaning of equipment that you are able to do prior to returning items to CRP will be greatly appreciated. It will help ensure that items are safe, clean and ready to go out for other children to use. 

    A significant amount of what we typically accomplish with equipment returns and inventory at the end of the school year will have to be rescheduled until schools re-open. However, we can alleviate some of that burden by getting some equipment returned during the dates and times listed above.
    Thank you for doing your part - and for your patience with us as we navigate these difficult circumstances. 
    Please direct any questions to Tammy Penkert at or Ruth McKee at

    Additional Closure Information
    • Equipment check-out. Check-out of additional equipment from CRP is not possible at this time due to mandated building closures. We apologize for any inconvenience. We very much want to provide students with the equipment they need and will let you know when we are able to resume equipment check-out.

    • Sending equipment home. District staff may request sending CRP equipment home if equipment is needed to access distance-based instruction provided by the district or to ensure learning continues while schools are closed. Complete the “Extended Use of CRP Equipment Request Form” and we will respond as soon as possible. The responsible-party (person who checked out the items from CRP) must be aware of which items are going home and take responsibility for ensuring all items are returned to the school/classroom they came from OR to CRP once schools re-open. Please ensure parents receive a paper copy and/or link to this document: Home Use of Equipment Guidance for Parents and Caregivers

    • Questions or comments. Please email Tammy Penkert for assistance.

    child in Rifton activity chair


    CRP maintains an equipment lending library for regionally eligible students to use at school and within EI/ECSE programs in our service area. We provide:

    • Motor Equipment such as sit-to-stand standers, supine standers, prone standers, adaptive tricycles, gait trainers, adaptive chairs and seating (OI eligibility required)

    • Assistive Technology for Access including adapted toys, switches (general switches, hands-free, pressure sensitive, sip, puff, speciality and voice activated)

    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication tools and devices such as the Step-by-Step with Levels, GoTalk, PRC devices, and Tobii Dynavox eye gaze devices

    Equipment may be checked out by licensed service providers including PTs, OTs, SLPs, special education teachers, as well as AT and AAC specialists.

    equipment alert Important: When you check out equipment, you become the responsible party, ensuring the safe and appropriate use of items. Items remain checked out in your name until they are returned to CRP or until another service provider has informed CRP that they are willing to take over responsibility for the equipment.

    Before visiting CRP to pickup equipment...

    Please view our Equipment Room Hours and check for periodic equipment room closure alerts. If you have any questions regarding equipment checkout, or would like to schedule an appointment please either email Tammy Penkert or call 503.916.5570 ext. 78355