Student Equipment from CRP



    Our equipment check-out process has changed significantly in light of circumstances related to COVID-19. These processes are subject to revision as conditions change during the school year. For the time being, our process is as follow:

    Step 1: Submit an equipment request via the OI Equipment Request Form. Tammy will review and respond to your request via email.

    Step 2: Coordinate with Tammy (or other OI team member) to schedule a time for equipment pickup.  

    Step 3: Come to CRP to pick up equipment. Do not enter the building. All equipment will be picked up from the equipment room back door in the parking lot behind the building. Please adhere to six or more feet of social distancing and wear a mask.

    For many pieces of equipment, there are caps on how many items can be checked out per student. An item that is currently checked out may need to be returned to CRP before we can check out a new, replacement item. For example, if a child needs a new walker, the previous walker must be returned before the new one may be checked out. Note the following per student caps:

    OI Equipment

    Cap per Student

    Motor Items


    1 per Student

    Gait Trainers

    1 per Student


    1 per Student 


    1 per Student


    1 per Student


    1 per Student

    AT/AAC Items


    2 per Student

    Switch Latch & Timers

    2 Singles (or 1 Choice/Dual) per Student

    Switch Mounts (Universal Arms, Goosenecks)

    1 per Switch


    3 per Switch Site (max of 6 toys)

    VOCAs - “Talking Switches”

    2 Per Student

    Note this list is not exhaustive. Caps exist on other items not listed in this table.


    We welcome your equipment returns as this increases availability of needed items for other children in the region. Please email Tammy to coordinate a day and time for equipment returns as the equipment room will be only intermittently staffed. 

    For obvious public health reasons, we greatly appreciate your assistance by cleaning and sanitizing motor and AT/AAC items to the best of your ability before returning them to CRP for other children to use. 


    Until further notice, equipment room hours will be limited and variable, based upon appointments scheduled for equipment pickup and returns. 


    We recognize that as long as students are accessing school instruction from home, that you may need to send some items into a student’s home. To prevent equipment loss, please carefully track where items have been sent (we will be sending guidance on how to update equipment location to”home” via your online equipment list). Provide parents with a paper copy and/or link to this document: Home Use of Equipment: Guidance for Parents and Caregivers

    We realize these are difficult circumstances and we are all working hard to adapt. Thank you for your flexibility and patience.


    We will be asking all staff with equipment checked out to help us account for all equipment via inventory and/or return of items to CRP. We are in the process of developing procedures to do this in light of social distancing and distance-based education.

    Questions or comments. Please email Tammy Penkert for assistance.

    child in Rifton activity chair


    CRP maintains an equipment lending library for regionally eligible students to use at school and within EI/ECSE programs in our service area. We provide:

    • Motor Equipment such as sit-to-stand standers, supine standers, prone standers, adaptive tricycles, gait trainers, adaptive chairs and seating (OI eligibility required - only PTs are permitted to check out standers and gait trainers)

    • Assistive Technology for Access including adapted toys, switches (general switches, hands-free, pressure sensitive, sip, puff, speciality and voice activated)

    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication tools and devices such as the Step-by-Step with Levels, GoTalk, PRC devices, and Tobii Dynavox eye gaze devices

    Equipment may be checked out by licensed service providers including PTs, OTs, SLPs, special education teachers, and AT/AAC specialists. LPTAs, COTAs, and SLPAs may not check equipment out in their name, but they may pick items up if the licensed service provider has communicated their approval to OI equipment room staff.

    equipment alert Important: When you check out equipment, you become the responsible party and agree to ensure the safe and appropriate use of items  - as well as ensure equipment is returned per the terms of the loan. Items remain checked out in your name until they are returned to CRP or until transfered (i.e., another service provider has informed CRP that they are willing to take over responsibility for the equipment).

    Before visiting CRP to pickup equipment...

    Please view our Equipment Room Hours and check for periodic equipment room closure alerts. If you have any questions regarding equipment checkout, or would like to schedule an appointment please either email Tammy Penkert or call 503.916.5570 ext. 78355