ASD Student Referral Information

  • We have a new Student Referral Form. Please discard and do not use versions distributed previous to August, 2017.

    Note: If you work for a district that provides regional autism services via a subcontract with CRP, please contact your special education department for assistance. For districts that have a CRP autism specialist assigned to their district (i.e. autism services are not subcontracted), use the referral process below.

    1. Fill out the CRP Student Referral Form and print. 

    2. Gather all required documents associated with the services being requested. For example, to initate support from an autism specialist for a student who is already eligible, a copy of a current ASD eligibility statement is required.

    3. Obtain the signature of the special education director (or designee) in your district.

    4. Fax or mail the completed referral to CRP

    • Fax: 503-916-5576
    • Mail: Columbia Regional Program - 833 NE 74th. Ave - Portland, OR 97213


    Q. How do I request a consultation from an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) specialist at CRP?

    A. Submit a CRP Student Referral Form, selecting "consultation from an AAC specialist" under the autism spectrum disorder section. Be sure to include a copy of the current ASD eligibility statement for the student, and concurrently complete an AT/AAC Learner Profile. The Learner Profile provides additional details that our AAC specialists need to better understand the student. We strongly advise including the district autism specialist/consultant in the decision to request an AAC consult.

    If you have additional questions, contact Darthea Park at or call 503.916.5570 ext. 78377

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