Loaning Equipment from CRP

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    CRP maintains an equipment lending library of items for regionally eligible students and available for trial, short term, and long-term loan by educators and therapists that work for the districts served by CRP. Items include:

    • Motor Equipment (sit-to-stand standers, supine standers, prone standers, adaptive tricycles, gait trainers, adaptive chairs and seating)
    • Adapted toys, switches (general switches, hands-free, pressure sensitive, sip, puff, speciality and voice activated)
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (step-by-step with levels, GoTalk, Dynavox devices, Tobii with eye gaze tracking)

    The CRP Student Equipment Training Module must be completed to check out equipment from Columbia Regional Program. Please remember that when you check out equipment, you assume responsibility for the safe use and care of the items. Items remain your responsibility and checked out in your name until you have returned them or until you have arranged for another therapist take over responsibility and this has been communicated to CRP. 

    Planning a visit to CRP to pickup equipment?

    Check our Equipment Room Hours and any closure alerts before visiting.

    If you have any questions regarding equipment checkout, or would like to schedule an appointment please either email Tammy Penkert or call 503.916.5570 ext. 78355

    Equipment Returns and Online Equipment Lists

    All AT/AAC equipment must be returned by your last work day in June before summer break. When students with CRP equipment checked out in your name are transitioning or changing districts, please return the equipment to CRP. If you are changing caseloads or jobs, return all CRP equipment before then change occurs. If you know who is talking over part or all of your caseload, let us know. We may be able to transfer equipment to the other service provider if they provide their consent, preferably via email. 

    You can now view your list of checked out equipment online, and you can request transfer of equipment to a different student and/or service provider. See links and direction on the right side of this page. 

    CRP Equipment Loan and Use Policy Summary

    • All students must have a regional eligibility and enrolled in the regional program.
    • The resident school district is responsible for completing the necessary referral and eligibility documentation.
    • All equipment is checked out for a designated loan period and must be returned in clean working order at the end of the loan period. 
    • All AT and AAC items must be returned on or before the last work day in June before summer break. Motor items must be returned if the student is transitioning to a new school or district, is aging out of services, or is no longer using the item.
    • If you have equipment checked out and know that you are leaving a district/LEA or changing caseloads, it is critically important to return everything you have checked out to CRP. You can also work with OI/AT staff to transfer items to a new responsible party and/or students. Please do not abandon equipment checked out in your name.
    • It is the responsibility of the district staff to inventory, return and/or account for all CRP equipment checked out in their name. Equipment will remain checked out to the district staff member until returned to CRP or until a transfer to a new responsible party has been completed.
    • Transfering items. It is the responsibility of the district staff to facilitate the transfer of items by making the request to both the receiving educator/therapist and CRP. We cannot transfer items onto someone else's list without their consent.
    • Columbia Regional Equipment is not available during the summer unless the student is receiving Extended School Year, EI/ECSE Services, or by request from Director of Special Education of the district.  When equipment is used over the summer, the responsible party must contact and make arrangements with CRP. 
    • The school district shares in the responsibility for maintenance, care and replacement of the equipment, Special Education Directors will be notified when repair or replacement is needed. 
    • Only designated district staff have the authority to check out and receive equipment and they become the responsible party.  Designated staff includes:  Occupational and Physical Therapists, and Speech/Language Pathologists and Assistive Technology/Augmentative Communication Specialists.  A District Special Education Director can request other identified staff as the responsible party by contacting the Program Administrator for Orthopedic Services.
    • Please be respectful of timelines and returning equipment when not in use by students.  When equipment is not returned, it is unavailable to meet the needs across our region and students and teams needs go unmet.
    • As of July 1, 2018 responsible parties who do not complete the end-of-year equipment returns and/or inventory process as requested by CRP will not be permitted to check out additional items until the previously checked out items have been returned or accounted for (inventoried). 

    For a complete description of our policies, our CRP Equipment Loan and Use Policies are available for download.

    Have additional questions? View our Equipment Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

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