Autism Training and Coaching for Paraeducators

  • We have ASD Paraeducator Trainering available to work with paraeducators across the region, building capacity to work effectively with and better understand learners with autism - as well as how to implement evidence based practices with fidelity.

    What services are available?

    • Regionwide training series for para-educators, offered in both face-to-face and web-based formats
    • Customized professional development for groups of paraeducators at the request of individual school districts
    • On-site training and coaching to develop the skills and knowledge of individual paraeducators or classroom teams

    What skills are addressed when training and coaching paraeducators?

    • Antecedence-based strategies
    • Structured teaching, environmental supports, and work systems
    • Visual schedules and creating visual support
    • Prompting and increading independence
    • Behavior prevention and management
    • Functional routines
    • Data collection
    • Small group instruction
    • Function communication (PECS)
    • Supporting social engagement
    • Social narratives
    • Video modeling
    • Assistance with development of supports
    • iPad and use of various apps
    • Implementation of classroom curriculum (STAR)

    How can ASD paraeducator training and coaching services be requested?

    • To make a request, contact any a member of the autism team at Columbia Regional Program. In turn, they will coordinate with our ASD Paraeducator Trainer, Mark Klassen.

    Who can request these services?

    • District autism specialists and consultants, administrators, and TOSA’s may directly request these services. If you are a building teacher, service provider, or para-educator interested in these services, please contact your district autism specialist/consultant or special education administrator.
    • Our ASD Paraeducator Trainer will work in collaboration with a designated district contact, and provide periodic updates.

    Our ASD Paraeducator Training emphasizes building capacity; providing paraeducators out in schools and classrooms with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively work with students with autism spectrum disorder.

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