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    June 26 & 27, 2019 from 8:30 to 3:30


    Columbia Regional Program - 833 NE 74th Ave. - Portland, OR 97213


    Many children with significant social impairments, behavioral challenges, and limited student skills have great difficulty in kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers and support staff often struggle to provide the support these children need. This training and coaching opportunity will emphasize the use of inclusive practices, evidence-based practices and instruction consistent with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to significantly improve learning outcomes while reducing the frequency and intensity of challenging behaviors.

    This instruction benefits not only children with autism and other social-emotional learning challenges but all students including culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students and children with little-to-no school experience prior to entering kindergarten. Each kindergarten teacher will be provided with an IKT Implementation Kit with curricula and materials with explanation and modeling on how to use each tool or item.

    Participant feedback has been uniformly positive for IKT. Participants report being better prepared and more confident in setting up and running their kindergarten classrooms and that individual children with autism spectrum disorder and other social-emotional and behavioral needs have been more successful as a result of participating in the workshop and using the IKT tools provided.

    IKT is provided by two licensed autism specialists who emphasize the use of various evidence-based instructional approaches including antecedent-based interventions (ABIs), positive behavior supports (PBS), use of visual supports, structured teaching, peer mediated intervention, and many others. 


    If you are a kindergarten teacher who would like to attend OR an administrator/coordinator who would like to submit one or more names of teachers to attend, email Darthea Park at dpark@pps.net. Please include the name, email, and school/district for each attendee. The deadline for submitting an email request for space at IKT is Friday, May 17, 2019.

    Spots will be granted partially on a "first come, first served" basis while balancing access across multiple districts and encouraging multiple K teachers from the same building to attend.

    After we receive your email request for space at the training, you will receive an email response. Those kindergarten teachers added to the registration list will be asked to confirm their attendance.  

    Attending as teams highly recommended: Feedback from previous IKT participants indicated that classroom outcomes are stronger and kindergarten teachers have a richer experience when they attend with their K teacher colleagues from the same elementary school. For these reasons, we strongly advise K teachers attend in teams if possible (i.e., multiple kindergarten teachers from the same building). 

    For special education staff: We are limiting this training to kindergarten teachers. However, if you are a special education service provider who works with one or more of the kindergarten teachers and are interested in attending, email Brad Hendershott at bhender1@pps.net - Please keep in mind that the content is geared toward kindergarten teachers and seasoned special education service providers may already be familiar with much of the information.


    Several months after IKT, we surveyed kindergarten teachers and included the following question, “Can you think of one or more specific children in your classroom who have been more successful as a result of your participation in IKT?" Here are several responses:  

    “Definitely! This is only my second year of teaching, so before this training I had never had experience teaching or working with students with autism. The training gave me tools, strategies, ideas, and confidence in jumping in and doing the best I can to best serve all of my students.”

    “YES!!!!! Many. I am better organized. I view behaviors differently. I was more prepared for those I knew may be a challenge. One boy has a sibling that has not been successful in Gen Ed. I approached him with a different lens and started with a different relationship for the beginning and he is thriving. A few other students that have the potential to be out of control have done great with the routines, procedures and very clear expectations.”

    “Yes. In general, creating a solid routine, with a classroom visual schedule, color coding of systems in the room, visuals for EVERYTHING has all helped my classroom run better, not just my students with Autism. Using a first/then board and language has been a lifesaver for a couple students.”

    “Yes, the 'first, next, last' idea has helped one of my students in particular.”

    “One child in my classroom is on the autism spectrum and the fidgets have helped his concentration and helps him keep his hands to himself.”

    “Yes, all three of my students in special education with communication disorders benefitted, as well as other children who struggle with emotional outbursts and transitioning.”

    “Yes, one student started the year kicking, biting, and pushing students during each transition. This student is now able to self-regulate and handle transitions.”

    “All of my students have been impacted by my use of the 'We Thinkers' curriculum (provided via IKT).”

    88.9% of IKT participants strongly agreed or agreed with the following statement, "As a result of participating in IKT, I increased my skills and knowledge to successfully  include children with autism and other social and emotional challenges.” 

    There is no charge for this training. Registration is limited to kindergarten teachers in schools within Multnomah, Clackamas, Hood River and Wasco counties (i.e. CRP service area).

    Morning coffee and refreshments as well as lunch will be provided on both days. 

    Portland Public Schools and Columbia Regional Program is an equal opportunity educator and employer.  Persons with disabilities or who are in need of additional accommodations in order to attend or participate in an event or program at Columbia Regional Program should contact Darthea Park at 503-916-5570 ext. 78377, dpark@pps.net