Our Team

  • Contacting ASD Services: To dial an extension at Columbia Regional Program, call 503-916-5570 and enter 1 when prompted. To reach the program secretary for ASD Services, enter 4 when prompted. If you need to reach the administrator for the ASD services, visit administrative contacts.

    Staff Directory

    First Name Last Name Title Department Extension Email
    Katie Byerly ASD Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder 78391 kbyerly@pps.net
    Quinn Ellingsen Speech Language Pathologist Autism Spectrum Disorder 78337 qellingsen@pps.net
    Marci Hammel ASD Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder 78307 marcih@pps.net
    Mark Klassen ASD Para Trainer Autism Spectrum Disorder 78392 mklassen@pps.net
    Jessica Lyerla ASD Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder 78339 jlyerla@pps.net
    Each of our consultants carry the credential as a licensed ASD Specialist issued by the state of Oregon, having demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge in the identification of ASD and in the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs). Our highly skilled and experienced ASD Para-Trainers work with educational assistants in schools and classrooms throughout the region.